In all, there are ten shedra, including two nunneries (Ani Dratshang) under Padling Choeki Ga Tshal Foundation. Do-ngag Thoesam Rabgayling (est. 1985) at Gangteng is a college for higher studies whereas the rest comprise primary and junior shedra.

1.  Do-ngag Thoesam Rabgayling Thorim (higher) Shedra (College), Gangteng Gewog, Wangdiphodrang
2.  Khewang Zhirim (primary) Shedra, Phobjikha Gewog, Wangdiphodrang
3.  Chito Phuntshog Rabtenling Zhirim Shedra, Nisho Gewog, Wangdiphodrang
4.  Chasikhar Dringrim (junior) Shedra, Chasikhar Gewog, Mongar
5.  Chali Karma Choeling Zhirim Shedra, Chali Gewog, Mongar
6.  Tingtibi Zhirim Shedra, Trong Gewog, Zhemgang
7.  Tsheldang Ugyen Choeling Zhirim Shedra, Nangkor Gewog, Zhemgang
8.  Chatshelakha Samdrub Choeling Zhirim Shedra, Bongo Gewog, Chukha
9.  Tang Bezur Pema Choeling Nunnery or Ane Shedra, Tang Gewog, Bumthang
10.  Tsamang Tokari Choekhorling Nunnery or Ani Shedra, Tsamang Gewog, Mongar

In Shedra, the curriculum begins with the study of grammar (sumtag or ngag-dron), prosody (nyen-ngag) and relevant texts of the Padling tradition in particular and Nyingma tradition in general. Once monks/nuns have attained basic proficiency in the above subjects, they move on to higher literary sciences – the five major and five minor sciences (rig gnas che ba lnga dang chung ba lnga).
In addition, they are also taught the arts and paintings, to make ritual objects, play musical instruments and perform the sacred dances. English and computer courses are also prescribed in shedra, so as to enable the monks/nuns to become more effective communicators at a time when Bhutan is increasing its contacts with the outside world.
Moving up to higher classes in the Buddhist College, they study the Thirteen Great texts (Zhungchen Chusum), prescribed as the main subjects, and also Buddhist works on logic.

The structure of the classes is as follows:
1. First to Third year – Madhyamaka (equivalent to class XII)
2. Fourth to Sixth year – Shastri (equivalent to Bachelor of Arts degree)
3. Seventh to Ninth year – Acharya (equivalent to Master of Arts degree)