Retreat center in Poland


It is a great pleasure to inform you about the joint initiative of H.H. Gangteng Rinpoche and Yeshe Khorlo: a Dharma center is being created in Poland. In cooperation with Gangtey Gompa in Bhutan, it will continue the teachings and practices of Pema Lingpa tradition.


We intend to create favourable conditions for the development of Dharma to serve many generations to come.

Being a great propagator of retreats, Rinpoche has always encouraged us to create a place where 3-6 months retreats and Dzogchen practices can happen. This is our primal goal. Additionally, he stressed the need to establish a centre of Buddhadharma in general. His wish manifested when we bought the land in the Stołowe Mountains in the South of Poland. It happened in April 2018 during Amitayus Drupchen practiced with H.H. Sungtrul Rinpoche. With Gangteng Tulku’s wish, Sungtrul Rinpoche visited the purchased land and performed a blessing ritual.

In July 2019, also H.H. Gangteng Rinpoche visited the place, blessed it and gave the initiation of Kurukulle to his students.


This is the land we’re talking about: over 20 hectares in total. It is located in the South of Poland, on the Czech border. Hidden in the invisible basin, it is the oasis of peace and seclusion.

Due to land’s location and natural conditions, it is suitable for comprehensive practices, including Dzogchen retreats. The place is located 150 km from Prague (Czech Repulic, international airport), 300 km from Bratislava (Slovakia) and Vienna (Austria). So far we bought 13,5 hectares of land.


The location makes the centre easily accessible for neighbouring countries. Regular courses and joint practices with Pema Lingpa teachers will take place here. Following the Gangtey Gompa in Bhutan, we intend to perfect ourselves in the implementation of various practices. An important element will be the translation and publishing of texts from Tibetan to English, etc. A large gompa will be created (for 150-200 people), a large stupa, a residence for Rinpoche, social building with kitchen, canteen and dormitory.

We would like to thank Mrs. Kira from Berlin for a donation of 10.800 euro for the construction of the stupa – may every act of generosity be the cause of an immeasurable accumulation of merit and benefit countless beings.


It is Rinpoche’s wish to erect retreat cabins for individual mid-length retreats (3-6 months at a time), primarily but not exclusively for the European Sangha members. Our intention is to build approximately a dozen cabins, starting with a single one, and eventually expand to include a central building where students could meet, receive teachings and practice together. This central building would be constructed first to act as a basis for the further construction work. Each cabin would have its own yard and would be surrounded by a fence for privacy.

The primary idea is that people will sponsor the building of their own individual cabins. This would give them a lifetime rights to reside in them whenever they like to, otherwise the cabins could be rented out and the proceeds would go to the centre.

We are going to help people from different countries to obtain Polish visas for the duration of retreats.


Our goal is to start the first construction works in 2020. We have made efforts to obtain permission to build a gompa. We are also planning to build a small house for sangha members who will coordinate the construction. Soon we will commission architectural designs of the main building and of a retreat house. However, before we start erect buildings, it will be necessary to repair the access road, supply the building site with water and electricity, which means drilling a deep well and laying an electric cable (approx. 850m). We would like to buy the last piece of adjacent 8 hectares land.


You can give us support in many ways – through your prayers, financial or material help, and on the stage of project implementation, through your work. You can finance your own retreat house or sponsor any other part of the investment. We are happy to answer all your questions concerning retreat houses and the project’s development at all stages.

Donation from abroad can be transfer to Yeshe Khorlo in Poland via SEPA with the reply “donations for retreat centre”.

Account no. for EUR:   PL 21 1750 0012 0000 0000 3891 3506

Account no. for PLN:    PL 33 1750 0012 0000 0000 3891 3484

Account for USD:           PL 74 1750 0012 0000 0000 3891 3522

Bank Data – for international transfer (if SEPA not possible)

SWIFT:                               RCBWPLPW

Bank:                                   Paris Bas

Bank’s division:              17500012

Bank address :                 ul. Piekna 20, 00-549 War­szawa, Pol­and

Ownership:                       Związek Buddyjski Yeshe Khorlo

We wholeheartedly ask for all possible donations so that we can start construction in the near future. Thank you in advance for your understanding, support and generosity!