History of Rinpoche’s Teachings in western world

Since 1995 till nowadays

Since 1995 till nowadays                         
YearMonth, DaysCountry Place Name of retreat or teachingTranslator or Translators Language Record of Teaching (audio, video)PhotosFor whom?
199515.05.GermanyMünchenTransmission lineage and traditionChristoph KlonkYeshe Khorlo Sangha
16.05.GermanyMünchenBodhicittaChristoph Klonkfor all
17.05.GermanyMünchenTransmission lineage and traditionChristoph KlonkKünzang Gongdü
19.05.GermanyMünchenSeven-Line-PrayerChristoph KlonkYeshe Khorlo Sangha
20.05.GermanyMünchenTerma tradition and DzogchenChristoph KlonkYeshe Khorlo Sangha
1996GermanyMünchenGuru Yoga (Mipham Nampar Gyalwa)Johannes Frischknechtfor all
25.06.GermanyMünchenLama Norbu Gyamtso TeachingJohannes FrischknechtInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
28.06.GermanyMünchenHistory of MandaravaChristoph Klonkfor all
199714.06.GermanyDaisendorfNine YanasJohannes FrischknechtYeshe Khorlo Sangha
21.06.GermanyMünchenUnity of Samsara and NirvanaChristoph KlonkKünzang Gongdü
20.06.GermanyMünchenEducational tradition of the three oaths Christoph Klonkfor all
23.06.GermanyMünchenTeaching on Mandala offeringJohannes Frischknechtfor all
GermanyEight Herukas / teaching / initiationTransmission (lung)
199810.11.GermanyFrankfurtNine YanasJohannes FrischknechtYeshe Khorlo Sangha
12-13.11GermanyDaisendorfNgöndro (Künzang Gongdü)Johannes FrischknechtTransmission (lung)
14.11.GermanyDaisendorfLectureJohannes Frischknechtfor all
16-20.11GermanySchwarzwaldBardoTeaching (Dudjom R.)Johannes FrischknechtTransmission (lung)
20.11.GermanyMünchenBasic Dzogchen, Base, Path, and FruitChristoph KlonkKünzang Gongdü
21-22.11GermanyMünchenBardo Teaching (Kaling)Christoph KlonkTransmission (lung)
23.11.GermanyMünchenChöd (Jigme Lingpa)Christoph KlonkYeshe Khorlo Sangha
24.11.GermanyMünchenNgöndro (Künzang Gongdü)Christoph KlonkTransmission (lung)
25.11.GermanyMünchenBody - Speech - Mind, TeachingChristoph Klonkfor all
199920.07-14.08GermanySchwarzwaldDzogchen retreatChristoph Klonk
200003.07-05.07GermanyMünchenRichö (Dudjom R.)Susanne SchefczykYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
06.07.GermanyDaisendorfChöd TeachingSusanne SchefczykYeshe Khorlo Sangha
07.07.GermanyDaisendorfCore of the matter (Mutig Tsenpo)Susanne SchefczykKünzang Gongdü, Transmission (lung)
08.07.GermanyDaisendorfEssence of mind, DzogchenSusanne SchefczykKünzang Gongdü
11-14.07SwitzerlandZürichThree words (Garab Dorje)Künzang Gongdü, Transmission (lung)
15.07.SwitzerlandZürichSamantabhadra-Dzogchen PrayerTransmission (lung)
200101.06.FranceBlyeChöd (3 Teile)Yeshe Khorlo Sangha
01.06.FranceBlyeGuru Rinpoche-RetreatTransmission (lung)
01.06.FranceBlyeSieben-Zeilen-Gebet Yeshe Khorlo Sangha
21.06.GermanyMünchenRefuge, base of all paths of MahayanaAndrea Loseriesfor all
22.06.GermanyMünchenMeaning of the peaceful and wrathful deitiesAndrea LoseriesYeshe Khorlo Sangha
24.06.GermanyMünchenView of Sutra- and TantrayanaAndrea LoseriesYeshe Khorlo Sangha
25.06.GermanyMünchenBodhicittaAndrea Loseriesfor all
28-30.12FranceBlyeTHE THREE STATES OF REST Trilogy of LongchenpaTransmission (lung)
31.12.FranceBlyeinitiation into the three protectors of body, speech and mind, HAYAGRIVA; Vajrapani; GARUDA
AustriaViennaLama Norbu Gyamtso TeachingAndrea Loseriesdigital availableInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
200204.01.FranceMarseilleteachings in Bodhicitta
05.01.FranceMarseilleteachings about the 5 mental toxins
06.01.FranceMarseilleGuru Rinpoche initiation
08.01.FranceNiceInitiation in the Medicine Buddha (Bhaishadjya Guru, Tersar by Dudjom Rinpoche)
9-10.01.FranceNiceteachings about the Samantabhadra monlam
11.01.FranceNiceGuru Rinpoche initiation
12-13.01.FranceNiceRichö (Dudjom R.)
15-20.01.AustriaGrazVajra Varahi empowerment , Samantabhadra mönlam teaching , Amitayus Long life empowerment
20-24.01.AustriaViennaGuru Rinpoche empowerment , Ngöndro teaching, Vajrasattva empowerment
26-27.01.SwitzerlandLausanneRichö (Dudjom R.)
200328.12-03.01.FranceBlyeKunsang Gongpa Kundu EmpovermentsSusanne Schefczyk
04-09.01.FranceDashang Kagyu Lingteachings about the 6 BardosSusanne Schefczyk
11-12.01.SwitzerlandLausanneDzog-Chen teachings in „Yeshe Kuchok“Susanne Schefczyk
13.01.FranceNicepublic conference on” The Path of the Great Perfection” Susanne Schefczyk
14-18.01.FranceNiceDzog-Chen teachings in „Yeshe Kuchok“ Susanne Schefczyk
18-19.01.FranceNiceEmpowerment in Dordje Namjom, Empowerment in the 16 Arhats Susanne Schefczyk
22-24.1SwitzerlandZürich„Bardo“ teachings based on the Tibetan book of deathSusanne SchefczykKünzang Gongdü
25.01.SwitzerlandZürich„The black snake“, a Dzog-ChenText based on Madhyamika (Rongzompa)Susanne SchefczykYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
26-27.01.SwitzerlandZürich Yeshe Tsogyal longlife empowerment, Sadhana explanationSusanne Schefczykfor all
31.01.GermanyMünchen“The four noble truth”Susanne Schefczykfor all
01-02.02.GermanyMünchengreen Tara empowerment, sadhana explanationSusanne Schefczyk
03-04.02.GermanyMünchenteaching concerning the „Samantabhadra mönlam“ Susanne SchefczykTransmission (lung)
05-07.02.AustriaGrazteachings concerning the three roots in Buddhism, Manjushri Dzog-Chen prayer, Empowerment in Hayagriva and Explanation for the SadhanaAndrea Loseries
08.02.AustriaViennaThe nine Yanas (vehicles)Susanne SchefczykYeshe Khorlo Sangha
9-12.02.AustriaViennaLama Norbu Gyamtso TeachingSusanne SchefczykInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
14.02.GermanyBerlinBuddha nature as fundament of EnlightenmentDiane Patho-Friedewald for all
15-16.02.GermanyBerlinEmpowerment into Padmasambhava , Empowerment into the Green Tara Diane Patho-Friedewald
17-18.02GermanyBerlinteachings to Patrul Rinpoche’s „Words of my perfect teacher“ Diane Patho-Friedewald Yeshe Khorlo Sangha
21-22.02GermanyHamburgIntrodruction about the sight of Dzog-ChenSusanne SchefczykKünzang Gongdü
24.02.GermanyHamburgYeshe Tsogyal Empowerment Susanne Schefczykdigital availablefor all
23-25.02GermanyHamburgThe Samantabhadra Dzog-Chen Prayer
The prayer of the great perfection
Susanne Schefczykdigital availableTransmission (lung)
200416.07.GermanyBerlinEmpowerment in Guru Rinpoche
17-18.07GermanyBerlinTeachings in The Samantabhadra Monlam Dzog-Chen PrayerSusanne SchefczykTransmission (lung)
19.07.GermanyHamburgComment on the 7th line prayerSusanne SchefczykYeshe Khorlo Sangha
20-22.07GermanyHamburgThree words the decisive essence or the decisive point hit by Garab Dorje)
Susanne Schefczykdigital availableKünzang Gongdü, Transmission (lung)
24.02.GermanyMünchenLonglife's initiation in Yeshe Tsogyal
26-28.07GermanyMünchenInstructions in "Yeshe Kuchok" Susanne Schefczykdigital availableTransmission (lung)
01.08.SwitzerlandZürichIntroduction into DzogchenKünzang Gongdü
2-5.08.SwitzerlandZürichThree words the decisive essence or the decisive point hit by Garab Dorje)
Künzang Gongdü, Transmission (lung)
7-13.08.FranceBlyeTeachings about "the state of rest in the spirit", from "The three states of rest" (Longchenpa)
14-15.08.FranceBlyeTara Initiation, Yeshe Tsogyal Initiation
16.08-05.09FranceBlyeDzogchen retreat (Trekchod)Susanne Schefczyk
200521-29.05GermanyHamburgLama Norbu Gyamtso TeachingSusanne Schefczykdigital availableInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
28.05.GermanyHamburgEmpowerment in Vajrasattva and explanationsSusanne Schefczyk
29-31.05GermanyHamburg„The Heart of the Matter“ The Guru’s Red Instructions to prince Mutik TsenpoSusanne SchefczykKünzang Gongdü, Transmission (lung)
2-4.06.GermanyMünchenteachings about the 7 Line prayer to Guru Rinpoche concerning the three levels, the inner, the external and secret level.Susanne Schefczykdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha
7-8.06.AustriaViennaempowerment in Vajrakilaya, sadhana explantionAndrea Loseries
9-10.06.AustriaViennaRichö (Dudjom R.)Andrea Loseries
12-13.06.SloveniaLjublijanaEmpowerment in Padmasambhava, Kunzang Gongdu Ngoendro explanationsAndrea Loseries
15.06.AustriaGrazempowerment in Kurekulle and explanation for Kurukulle SadhanaAndrea Loseries
20.06.FranceLyonteaching about meditation and DzogchenBruno Le Guevel
21-23.06.FranceAjaccioteaching about “ the Dzogchen view”, Empowerment inSeng Dong (the lion faced Dakini )Bruno Le Guevel
24.06.FranceNiceteachings about the 7 Lines prayer to Guru Rinpoche concerning the three levels, the inner, the external and secret levelBruno Le Guevel
25-27.06.FranceNiceThree words the decisive essence or the decisive point hit by Garab Dorje)
Bruno Le Guevel
29.06.-01.07.FranceMarseilleteachings about “Pema Lingpa’s Path” , teachings about Samantabhadra Dzogchen prayer , Empowerment in Dordje Nanjom Bruno Le Guevel
2-15.07FranceArdecheDzogchen retreat (Thogal)Bruno Le Guevel , Susanne Schefczyk
18-22.07FranceBlyeGuhyagarbha-Initiation / Teaching Bruno Le Guevel , Susanne SchefczykTransmission (lung)
200624-28.08.FranceBlye"Samten Ngel-So" teachings (text by Longchenpa about the Three States of Rest)
29.08.-01.09.FranceBlyeDzogchen retreat (Bardo)Susanne Schefczyk
03-06.09.FranceNiceInitiation in Guru Drakpo, Explanations to the Manjushri Dzogchen prayer
09-13.09.SwitzerlandZürichInitiation in Padmasambhava, teachings on the 7th line prayer to Guru Rinpoche on Dzogchen base
15-18.09.SloveniaLjublijanaTeachings on the 7th line prayer to Guru Rinpoche on Dzogchen basis, Amitayu's Long-life Empowerment
20-21.09.CroatiaZagrebInitiation in Padmasambhava,Teaching in 9 Yanas from the view of Dzogchen
23-25.09.HungaryHevicDzogchen lessons and meditation, meeting at the big stupa in Zalaszanto at Hevic
27-28.09.AustriaViennaexplanations of "The basics" (Dzogchen-instruction, Guru Rinpoche's last advice to Prince MutigTsenpo)
29.09.AustriaViennahrs Initiation in Vajravarahi
01.10.GermanyMünchenEmpowerment in Guru Dragpo Tsal
2-3.10.GermanyMünchenInstructions for the Manjushri Dzogchen prayerSusanne Schefczykdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
6-12.10.GermanyHamburgKünzang Gongdu empowerment cycle
200701.06.GermanyBerlinYeshe Tsogyal Empowerment
2-3.06.GermanyBerlinRichö (Dudjom R.)Susanne Schefczykdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
04.06.PolandStettinevening public speech, Dzogchen comparing with other schools of Buddhism
5-7.06.PolandStettinThe 9 yanas of the Nyingma Tradition, Amitayus empowerment
08-10.06.PolandWarschauevening public speech about Bodhisattvas, teaching about Samantabhadra Mönlam, Guru Rinpoche empowerment
13-15.06SwitzerlandZürichNgoendro teaching
16-17.06.SwitzerlandZürichTaras empowerment , Kurukulle empowerment
20.06.-12.07.Franceretreat place in southern FranceDzogchen retreat
16-18.07FranceBlyeteaching “Nying Tam Sum-chupa” (Longchenpa)Dieter SchindlerKünzang Gongdü
200812-18.4FranceBlyeGuhyagarbha 1Dieter SchindlerTransmission (lung)
29-30.04RussiaMoscowOpen teachins "Nine Yanas of tibetan buddism"Nicolay Akhmerovrussianaudiogalleryfor all
1-10.05.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarKunsang Gongpa Kundu EmpovermentsNicolay Akhmerovrussian
10.05.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarNendro Kunsang Kundu TeachingNicolay AkhmerovrussianaudioKünzang Gongdü
15-18.05.RussiaIzhevskRichö (Dudjom R.)Nicolay AkhmerovrussianaudiogalleryYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
15.08.RussiaIzhevskVajravarahi EmpovermentNicolay Akhmerov
18.05.RussiaIzhevskKhenpo Nagchung Text TeachingNicolay AkhmerovrussianaudioYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
24-28.08FranceBlyeReposing in Meditation (Longchenpa)Transmission (lung)
200925.05.GermanMünchenControl one‘s mindDieter Schindlerfor all
31.05-2.06.GermanMünchenLama Norbu Gyamtso TeachingDieter Schindlerdigital availableInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
Black Snake (Rongzompa), Four Noble Truths, Yeshe Tsogyal TeachingDieter SchindlerYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
5-8.06.FranceParisTeaching on Samantabhadra Prayer
11-13.06.FranceMarseilleGuru Rinpoche Empowerment and Seven Line Prayer Teaching
15-27.06.FranceMelanDzogchen retreat (Thogal)
30.06-2.07.FranceBlyeGuhyagarbha 2Dieter SchindlerInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
13-22.07.PolandKunsang Gongpa Kundu Empoverments and Teachings
1-5.08.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarRichö (Dudjom R.)Nicolay AkhmerovrussianaudiogalleryYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
06.08.RussiaMoscow region, Kunsangar"Обнаженное видение истинной природы" (Джигме Лингпа)Nicolay Akhmerovrussianaudio
07.08.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarLama Norbu Gyamtso EmpovermentNicolay Akhmerov
08.08.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarVajrakilaya Sogi Pudri EmpovermentNicolay Akhmerov
09.08.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarKurukulla Empoverment (Rongzompa)Nicolay Akhmerov
13.08.RussiaSaint PeterburgLama Norbu Gyamtso EmpovermentNicolay Akhmerovrussianaudio
14-16.08.RussiaSaint PeterburgLama Norbu Gyamtso CommentaryNicolay Akhmerov
21-22.08.RussiaIzhevskSamantabhadra Monlam TeachingNicolay Akhmerovrussianaudio
RussiaIzhevskNicolay Akhmerov
11.09.RussiaMoscowOpen teachins "About Bhutan"Nicolay Akhmerovrussianaudiofor all
201028.07-07.08RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarDzogchen retreat (Rushen)Nicolay Akhmerovrussian
09.08.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarSeven Line Prayer CommentaryNicolay Akhmerovrussianaudiofor all
22-29.10.RussiaMoscowSacret Dances (cham)
11-13.11.FranceParisRichö (Dudjom R.)Bruno le Guevel
14.11.FranceParisKurukulla Empoverment (Rongzompa)Bruno le Guevel
17.11.FranceBlyeInitiation of Sampa LhundrubBruno le Guevel
18-20.11.FranceBlyeGuhyagarbha 3Bruno le Guevel, Dieter SchindlerInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
201116.08.-01.09.USACrestoneDzogchen retreat (Thogal and Bardo)
2-4.09.USACrestoneVajtavarahi, Yeshe Tsogyal, Lama Norbu Gyamtso Empowerments
5-10.09.USANew YorkProgramme in New York
11-13.09.USALos AngelesProgramme in Los Angeles
14-21.09.CanadaVancouver or VictoriaProgramme in Canada
4-11.11.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarLama Norbu Gyamtso DrubchenNicolay AkhmerovRussianvideogallery
15-16.11RussiaMoscowOpen teachins "Pema Lingpa"Nicolay AkhmerovRussianaudiofor all
201214-17.07.FranceParisTeachings : Lama Norbu Gyatso, (the Guru Ocean of Juwels) Bruno le Guevel
24-30.07.FranceBlyeGuhyagarbha part 4Bruno le Guevel, Dieter Schindler, Andrzej RybszlegerFrench, German. Englishdigital availableInitiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
3-6.08.FranceNiceteachings Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked AwarenessBruno le Guevel, Dieter Schindler, Andrzej RybszlegerFrench, German. English
9-12.08.SwitzerlandZürichTeachings “directly pointing out the nature of mind with the finger”Bruno le Guevel, Dieter Schindler, Andrzej RybszlegerFrench, German. English
15-19.08GermanMünchenRichö (Dudjom R.)Bruno le Guevel, Dieter Schindler, Andrzej RybszlegerFrench, German. Englishdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha + Transmission (lung)
22.08-04.09PolandZieleniecDzogchen retreat (Trekchod)Bruno le Guevel, Dieter Schindler, Andrzej Rybszleger, Nicolay AkhmerovFrench, German, English, Polish, Russian
15-24.10.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarVajrakilaya DrubchenNicolay AkhmerovRussianvideogallery
25.10.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarVajrakilaya Empoverment (from Kama leneage)Nicolay Akhmerov
27.10.RussiaMoscowManjushri Empoverment (from Dudjom Tersar)Nicolay Akhmerov
29.09-10.10RussiaMoscow region, IstraDzogchen retreat (Trekcho)Nicolay AkhmerovRussian
12-15.10.RussiaMoscow region, IstraGuhyagarbha EmpovermentsNicolay Akhmerov
16.10.RussiaMoscow region, IstraLong Live EmpovermentNicolay Akhmerov
201419-30.11RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarAmitayus DrubchenNicolay Akhmerovrussianvideogallery
20169-21.08FranceBlyeDzogchen retreat (Trekchod)Dieter Schindler, Lama Bruno, Andrzej Rybszlegergerman, french, englishdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha
24.08.SwitzerlandZürichImportant aspects of practice (lecture)Dieter Schindlerdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha
26-27.08GermanMünchenteachings Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked AwarenessDieter Schindlerdigital availableKarling Zhitro Initiation (dbang)+transmission (lung)
31.08-13.09PolandZieleniecDzogchen retreat (Thogal)Dieter Schindler, Lama Bruno, Andrzej Rybszleger, Nicolay Akhmerovgerman, french, english, russiandigital available
20174-15.04.MexicoPueblaDzogchen retreat (Rushen)
16-24.04MexicoPueblaDzogchen retreat (Trekchod)
27.04-1.05USALos AngelesThe Trilogy of Finding Comfort & Ease in Meditation:
Reposing in Meditation in the Great Perfection – Longchenpa
Dhonden Li-Jen Cheng (Chinese)
Andrzej Rybszleger (English)
10.05-11.05CanadaVancouverBARDO Deities Empowerment and Teaching, Sai Nyingpo Empowerment ,
Chod Empowerment , Teachings and Refuge
13-15.05CanadaVictoriaThousand Buddhas Empowerment and Teaching, Medicine Buddha Empowerment and Teaching, Vajravarahi Empowerment and Teaching, Public talk: The Path of Awakening- how to practice in daily life
21.05-03.06IndonesiaDzogchen retreat
22-27.07UkraineKievPublic talk (Dharma & Pema Lingpa), Teaching on Ngöndros, Guru Rinpoche wang, Amitayus wang,
Khandro Tuktik wang (cycle of Dudjom tersar)
Marina Ivanovarussiangallery
28-30.07EstoniaTallinpublic talk “The Nine Yanas of Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism”, Teachings on Dzogchen: Ground, Path and Fruit
5-25.08FranceBlyePedling Chokhor (first part)Dieter Schindler, Namgyal, Andrzej Rybszleger, Nicolay Akhmerovgerman, french, english, russiangallery
1-3.09.SwitzerlandZürichPublic talk on Peling lineage and Dzogchen practices,
The Lion’s Roar (text of Jigma Lingpa),
Chöd (J.Lingpa/Patrul R.)
Dieter Schindlerdigital availableYeshe Khorlo Sangha
6-7.09.FranceParisTeaching « A Lamp to Dispel Darkness »
(Mipham Rinpoche)
Andrzej RybszlegerKünzang Gongdü, Transmission (lung)
15-17.10RussiaMoscow37 Practise of BodhisattvasNicolay Akhmerovrussianvideofor all
18-26.10.RussiaMoscow region, KunsangarGuhyagarbha 1 PartNicolay Akhmerov, Andrzej Rybszlegerrussian, englishaudio
20184-21.08.FranceBlyePedling Chokhor (second part)Dieter Schindler, Namgyal, Andrzej Rybszleger, Nicolay Akhmerovgerman, french, english, russian
23.08.AustriaViennaBasis, Pfad, Frucht (J.Lingpa)Dieter Schindler, Namgyal, Marina Ivanovagerman, french, russiandigital availableTransmission (lung)
24-26.08.AustriaViennaGuru-Zyklus (Longchen Nyingthig)Dieter Schindler, Namgyal, Marina Ivanovagerman, french, russiandigital available?
29-31.08.SloveniaLiublianaTeaching based on “A Lamp to Dispel Darkness”
from Mipham Rinpoche
Andrzej Rybszleger, Nicolay Akhmerovenglish, russian
4-19.10.Hong KongHong KongPedling Chokhor (first part)


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