Dear friends in Dharma!

News about the three-year retreat center for Gangteng Rinpche’s students.

We are building the three year retreat Center in the northern Europe, Estonia, and although the construction work has not been completed yet, we are confirming, as this is the wish of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, that the first three year group retreat according to Pema Lingpa’s tradition in Europe in Estonia, Umbusi has to start in 2024, in August (the exact date yet unknown) or September.

Rinpoche had said this summer (in 2023) that it is very important to announce the exact beginning time, an objective we should aim at.

There are five people who will start the retreat and most of them have given full amount of their retreat cost for construction works (each person has given aorund 20 000 or even much more for the retreat project (it is not that they are rich people, Dharma is just very important for them).

The good news is that lopön Thuji who will also participate in retreat and who is residing now in France, has got Estonian resident permit valid until 31st of December 2027 – this means that she can stay in the retreat without no paper work until the end of retreat (and in the end, to extend her visa online, if necessary), so the best is to start the retreat in time!

We have completed extensive works of sewage system (also installation of electricity cables and water pipes inside the ground), that costed 37 000 euros – mostly the money came from the persons who are planning to actually start the retreat but also from some other great Sangha members to whom we are very thankful.

We are still in a situation as described earlier:

1) one more house has to be constructed from the beginning (we need five houses altogether) – 15 000 euros.

2) one house has only a foundation ready right now and all the other works have to be completed – 14 000 euros.

3) The rest of the three houses need 5000 euros each to be completed (ceiling, floor works, inside walls finishing, bathroom works, heating system works) ‒ 15 000 euros.

Therefore, for the houses we need 44 000 euros to complete them. We still have on our account around 10, 000 euros, therefore 34 000 more.

4) Kitchen house is not completed. We have an agreement with one sponsor that he could donate 20 000 euros only in case when we find other sponsors who could support this project.

We do not include here the completion of the house for Khenpola that is outside of the enclosed area of the three-year-retreat (we can complete it as soon as we get enough funds).

If you consider donating for this project (any amount would be helpful), please do it very soonJ We feel here in Estonia that we are really responsible in front of those people who have already planned their lives in a way that they will be in retreat for the next three years very soon.

It was also a request of Rinpoche that it is very important that we start the retreat this year and not later.

We just have to make our last effort to complete this project (more than 100 000 euros has already used for this project).

Any advice, hints to accumulate donations, propositions for giving a personal loan (anything!:) are very welcome. If we think about our Sangha, it is not so small – then the missing amount, if shared among many people, is not so big!

We promise that all the money we receive will be used with great care and most reasonably. If you need any further details, please ask! Here are our bank details:

Receiver: Yeshe Khorlo Eesti MTÜ

Account (IBAN): EE212200221065708346
SWEDBANK,  SWIFT code/BIC: HABAEE2X (address is available on our website, if necessary:

and Paypal:

On behalf of Yeshe Khorlo Estonia

Kadri Raudsepp