International Schedule 2019

Schedule 2019

  BhutanUSMexicoCanadaFranceGermanyAustriaSwitzerlandPolandSloveniaEstoniaRussiaUkraineSingaporeHong KongTaiwanMalaysia
February28.02-5.03 Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche in Kunsangar (Moscow region), Guhyagarbha Tantra Teaching, second part
March Tsa Lung Retreat with Lopon Purbha Dorji.
From March 24 th to April 7th.
7-14.03 Kagye Drubchen
May2-15 may 2019. Khenpo Karma Wangyel. Khorde Rushen practice retreat18-30 may 2019. Khenpo Karma Wangyel. Khorde Rushen practice retreat
JulyKhenpo Karma Wangyel
Khorde Rushen practice retreat from 14-28 Blye
10th -12th of July: Gangteng Rinpoche in Estonia: Lama Norbu Gyamtso empowerment and tsokkor practice to attract wealth and prosperity and purification of karma
AugustKhenpo Karma Wangyel :
3-6 The 37 stanzas on the practices of the Boddhisattvas Blye
8-11 August The Preliminaries (teachings and practices) Blye
15-21 Trekchöd practice retreat (Blye)
24-31 Thögal practice retreat (Sud of France)
September21th-22th september- Khenpo Karma Wangyel- Bodhicaryavatara teachings Blye 06-09 Sept. Khenchen Pema Sherab Rinpoche in Munich, Lung Transmission
October1-8 October, Gangtey Gompa, VajraKilaya Drubchen10 Oct., Blye, Lopon Drukdra Morning teachings on Peling lineage and afternoon introduction to Dzogchen.
20 Oct., Blye, Kuenzang Gondu empowerment.
21-30 Oct., Blye, Tsa lung retreat.
11 Oct., Berlin, Lopon Drukdra Evening teachings on Peling lineage and Kuenzang Gongdu cycle.
12 Oct., Berlin, Kuenzang Gongdu empowerment.
13 Oct., Berlin, Base, path and fruit.
November23-24 November, the First Forum for Philosophical Discourse Among Nyingma Scholars of Buthan.02-03 november- Khenpo Karma Wangyel- Letter to a friend teachings Blye 08-10 November Khenpo Karma Wangyal, Munich, topic is open.01 Nov., Warsaw, Lopon Drugdra Evening Kuenzang Gongdu empowerment.
02-03 Nov., Warsaw, Explanation to ngon dro.
04 Nov., Tsa lung, vase breathing.
05 Nov., Warsaw, Tsa lung, tummo.
Lopon Drugdra in Moscow - 8-14 November - Teaching on the ritual aspects of Lama Norbu Gyatso sadhana, 15-17 LNG drubcho, 19 Introductury lecture on Kunzang Gondu, 20-21 Teaching on the text 'Practice of Buddha in 4 periods', 22-24 Retreat on Kunzang Gondu practices
DecemberGangteng Tulku Rinpoche, 15-28 Dec., Kuala Lumpur, Padling Chokor, Part II, Empowerment and Lungs of Pema Lingpa Terma, Vanue: Putra World Trade Centre KL