Yeshe Khorlo Estonia was found in November 2016. It is an independent, public-benefit nonprofit association, which aim is to put into practice various cultural and social activities as well as the activities increasing mental well-being, including promoting the Buddha’s teachings in general and Pema Lingpa’s lineage in particular.
Specifically, its main goal is to fulfill the objectives of Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, the lineage holder of Pema Lingpa’s tradition. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche has decided that it would be great if the three-year retreat center for his students and other serious practitioners of Buddhadharma who would like to do their practices according to Pema Lingpa’s lineage in Europe and elsewhere would be in Estonia, in a small village of Umbusi in Põltsamaa parish. 

Yeshe Khorlo Estonia was fortunate to be presented with ten hectares of land in Umbusi/Estonia by Khordong Association of Estonia. The vision is to utilize this location as Yeshe Khorlo’s three-year retreat center in Europe. It is named “Samten Lhündrup Gatsel” (“Delightful Grove of Spontaneous Concentration”).
The site has been consecrated by Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche and Lhalung Sungtrül Rinpoche. Khenpo Karma Wangyel plans to establish a central building with a meditation hall, surrounded by small retreat huts and other necessary buildings in the close vicinity.

There are already some keen Sangha members intent on starting their three-year retreat as soon as possible.
Since the planned central building requires a lot of resources to be realized, Khenpo Karma Wangyel has suggested to first build small individual retreat huts, together with the kitchen house, permitting the initial group of retreatants to commence their three-year retreat in due time – early in 2021.

The cost of the huts is set at about 10 000 Euros each (a small 20 square meter hut with a kitchen corner, toilet and bathroom, and includes connections with water, electricity, sewage system and heating.

Cost for participants 

The cost for the entire retreat is estimated at about 21 000 Euros per participant.

From the 21 000, 6000 euros is meant to go toward construction. The funding for the huts should be met as soon as possible so that building can start in spring of 2020. This will ensure the necessary basis for the three-year retreat. Participants of the retreat should first make the payment of 6000 euros for construction work and the rest can be paid later.

Foundation work for five huts will start now, thanks to the donations of Estonian people who have been to Rinpoche’s and Khenpo’s teachings in Estonia. There is also enough money for a deep drilled well which will commence in the spring.

Request to support building works and participants’ retreat fee:

It is very possible that there may be some who wish to participate in the retreat but lack the necessary funds. In addition, Yeshe Khorlo Estonia does not have the necessary funds to finish the huts and the kitchen building.

It is only with the help of the entire Sangha that we can realize this project and give serious practitioners a chance to consecrate their full time for practice. It will benefit all of us if we can support this project. Even a small amount can be of great help!

Khenpo-la requests all interested parties for the retreat to either contact him directly, or to get in touch with any Yeshe Khorlo coordinator in the various countries before January 2020. 

The next step will be the meeting of all participants, and possibly a trip to Umbusi in Estonia to visit the site and discuss the necessary preparations for the retreat. It is Khenpo-la’s vision to embark on the construction of the huts in 2020.

Information about the ongoing building works will be available on Yeshe Khorlo Estonia’s website ( There is also information about the Yeshe Khorlo Estonia’s bank account and Paypal (

Phone number for Khenpo Karma Wangyel: 0033-656815174.

Yeshe Khorlo coordinators: 

Estonia: Jako (,
Germany: Ines (,
France: Bernard ( ),
Switzerland: Marion ( ),
Austria: Florian ( ),
Poland: Andrzej ( ),
Ukraine: Natascha (,
Slovenia: Mateja (

Here you can see the retreat house project (a view from eastwestmain plan and views from different sides). It is a small house of 20m2 of size, including kitchen corner and bathroom. It also has a terrasse in front of the house. The house is planned in a way that is suitable for a cold climate (water system enter into the house from one place in the middle – as the house has a beam foundation, water pipes have to be insulated in a special way. If there are more donations that allow to build a bigger house, it is possible to change everything (add beams for a foundation etc). The room plan is not fixed – it is possible to move inside walls (probably the meditation room has to be bigger, kitchen and bathroom can be smaller).

We are very grateful for the donations we have received up to now.
We have also received one bigger donation specially for kitchen. However, lot of donations is still necessary. Please use this great chance to practice generosity!

In addition to financial support, prayers and auspicious wishes are most welcome. You are welcome to transfer your support on our bank account or donate through PayPal:


Name: Yeshe Khorlo Eesti MTÜ

Account: EE212200221065708346



More info: or (eesti keeles:)

” We are looking forward to the realization of the three-year retreat site which will allow practitioners to do their practice right here in Europe with no need to travel somewhere far away – India, Bhutan or the moon as Rinpoche said – crossing cultural, culinary and other borders. We hope that there will be a sufficient number of interested candidates as well as potential sponsors so that we may realize the construction of the retreat huts as planned (by the end of summer 2020) and start the first three-year group retreat in Pema Lingpa’s tradition in Europe”. 

Cordial wishes

Khenpo Karma Wangyel, 

Pema Yang Dzong 

Retreat center in Estonia