Unfortunately, this program is canceled because of pandemic situation.


Dear Friends all over the world!

Next summer 2020, in June, 8-18 or 8-28 (two options) Moscow Yeshe Khorlo center organizes a tour to Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India.

This is a place which has a special connection with the teachings of Pema Lingpa tradition. The place, where the Teaching was brought by the First Gangteng Tulku – Gyalse Pema Tinley.

We invite interested and devoted disciples of Gangteng Rinpoche to join this journey!
This trip is organized for the first time. So don’t miss this rare opportunity for the pilgrimage.
The trip will be also joined by a Khenpo from Bhutan, who will be especially sent by Gangteng Rinpoche to lead  Drubcho (intensive practice).

We also invite travellers, who likes beautiful Himalayan nature and special atmosphere!


This trip to Kinnaur will be focused on supporting the Gangteng Rinpoche`s project of the construction of the Urgain Choeling Institute and the Monastery in the village of Leo, Kinnaur. 

Our offerings for participation in Drubcho and accommodation in Leo will be directed to the construction of the Monastery. But of course, personal offerings to this project, including those who will not be able to join the trip, are also welcome!

Important! The size of our group is limited by the possibility of comfortable accommodation and movement. Maximum 15 people!

We warn you that the road to Kinnaur is long and tiring, because of the poor quality of the road. Even in a good car trip there is not easy. Kinnor is located at altitudes – 2500-3200 m above sea level. There is a slight lack of oxygen. Please, consider and evaluate your physical and moral readiness!

The trip is designed for a duration of 10 days. We will start our journey from Delhi and then reach the summer capital of English colonial India – Shimla. Then we are in a picturesque valley Kinnaur. We will spend a few days in Leo, visit the ancient temples and caves of Guru Rinpoche nearby. Under the guidance of Khenpo and local Lamas we will perform 3-day of “Lama Norbu Gyatso” Drubcho.

Then there is a choice – to go back to Delhi or to continue the journey to the famous valley of Spiti. And then we will find ourselves in the amazing beauty of the valley of Spiti. It was through this valley that Padmasambhava came to Tibet.

From there we will journey to Manali. On the way back to Delhi we can also visit famous Revalsar, Tso Pema, the holy place of Guru Rinpoche and Mandarava.

Since the number of participants is limited, pre-registration is Required!

Route and program:

1st day, June 8

Arrival to New Delhi.

Delhi-Chandigarh-Shimla (2280 m). Overnight stop.

Day 2, June 9

Shimla – Rekong Peo (Kinnaur valley). Overnight stop.

Day 3,4,5,6,7,  June 10-15

Arrival to Leo (3 200 m).

Stay in Leo – few days.

– Empowerment and Intensive practice (Drubcho) of the Lama Norbu Gyatso sadhana.

– Pilgrimage to the nearby village of Choling to an ancient Buddhist temple of the XI century, built by the translator Rinchen Zangpo.

– Pilgrimage to the nearby village of Hango.

Day 8,9, June 16-17

Leo – Nako (3 650 m) Stay in Nako.

– visiting the area, where we will see another important monastery of the XI century – Nako gompa, in which the ancient Kashmiri frescoes and statues are preserved, as well as old temples dedicated to Yellow Tara, Buddha Vairochana and local protective deities. The legend tells the story of how Padmasambhava, who visited these places on his way to Tibet, converted to Buddhism evil mountain spirit.  Not far from the monastery there is a beautiful green mountain lake. Here, in a small chapel, is the stone on which Padmasambhava left his footprint. As the Guru was meditating on the shore of the lake, it is revered by locals as sacred.

Day 10, June 18

Then there is a choice, according to personal possibilities: those who wish are going to Delhi, or you may continue the journey from Kinnaur to Spiti.

Moving to Spiti – visiting ancient monasteries.

Tabo – Dhankar (3 890 m ) – Mud (3 770 m).

Thabo is a special place. Built by a translator and reformer Rinchen Zangpo, Tabo holds the amazing atmosphere of simplicity, greatness and austerity. In 2002, the monastery was included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Day 11, June 19

Spiti valley: Mud – Ki gompa (4 160 m) – Tangut monastery (4 548 m) – Kibber (4 270 m).

Day 12, June 20

Spiti and Lahul valley: Kibber – Kunzum La pass (4,550 m) – Keylong (3,080 m).

Keylong is the capital of the Lahul valley. On the way we will stop at the oldest monastery of the valley: Guru Ghantal gompa, which according to the legend was founded by Padmasambhava himself.

Day 13, June 21

Journey from Keylong to Manali.

Day 14,15,16, June 22-24

Staying and rest in Manali.

Day 17,18,19 June 25-27 

Journey from Manali to Revalsar, then to Delhi.

Day 20, June 28

Flight from New Delhi.

Cost of travel (approximately):

Indian visa and flight to Delhi and back – (please, check and organise by yourself)

Permit for Kinnaur – 400 rupees.

Rent a Jeep Delhi-Shimla-Peo-Leo – 23000 rupees (for 3 persons).

2 nights on the way to Leo (hotels) – 3000-4000 rupees/per night.

Accommodation and meals in Leo (private houses), 5 nights – donation.

Participation in Drubcho – Donation.

Offering for the construction of the Monastery – donation according to your possibilities.

Accommodation in Nako (hotel), 2 nights – 3000-4000 rupees/per night.

Total approximately for 1st part of the tour (not including visa, air tickets, insurance, food and small purchases on the way) – 20000 rupees per person + donations for accommodation, food, Drubcho in Leo.

Next – on your choice:

Rent a Jeep from Nako to Delhi – 23000 rupees (number of people depends on the situation).


Rent a Jeep Nako-Spiti-Manali – 15000 rupees (for three people).

Accommodation in Spiti – 3 nights, – 3000-4000 rupees/per night.

Accommodation in Manali –  3 nights, – 3000-4000 rupees/per night.

Bus Manali-Revalsar-Delhi – 900 rupees.

Accommodation in Revalsar –  1-2 nights, 3000-4000 rupees/per night.

Total approximately for 2nd part of the tour (not including food and small purchases on the way) – 30000 rupees per person.

Total estimated costs for the entire trip (not including visa, air tickets, insurance, food and small purchases on the way) – 50000 rupees + donations for accommodation, food, Drubcho in Leo.

* taxi costs are calculated approximately based on three people in one Jeep.

If you decide to go on this wonderful journey and wish to book a place in the group, please contact on ola-laen@yandex.ru. Olga.

Photo Gallery from the place (Kinnaur, Leo) http://urgainchoeling.org/en_GB/photo-gallery/

A tour to Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India – canceled!